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Uwaah! It's been a while since the last update! X.x! I have been incredibly busy...

Just a small update today - I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive! ♥!

Whipped Cream Ring - WHITE ($4.50)

These are AWESOME! The whipped cream part is made of a very study plastic so it isn't as fragile as the silicon whipped cream rings! I'm absolutely in love with the design and the cute little rhinestones, too... Definitely keeping one for myself! ;)

Whipped Cream Ring - PINK ($4.50)

This is the pink version! It's a lovely peachy pink colour... ♥!

Glitter Bow Rings - WHITE OR BLACK ($4.00 each!)

These bow shaped rings are about 3cm x 1.50cm! :) They're very sparkly and eye-catching! Only available in white and black for now...

Chubby Bow Rings - LIGHT PINK OR HOT PINK ($4.00)

These "Chubby" Bow Rings are slightly smaller but more poofy than the Glitter Bow Rings! Very cute! :)

That's it already! ^^; There's a huuuuge update coming up soon, though! *grin!*

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