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Hey everyone! ♥! I finally received the ring bases I ordered ages ago! Let's have a fun sale to celebrate their arrival! *SQUEE!*

SALE SALE SALE! ALL RINGS FROM THIS UPDATE ARE IN PROMOTION! :) This celebratory sale ends on May 1st 2009 or until quantities last - get 'm while you can!

Dreamy Rose Rings - HOT PINK/WHITE! ($4.50 each -> $4.00! ♥!)

These beautifully detailed roses are about 2.50cm in diameter! :) I have attached them to an adjustable silver coloured ring base~! They're on sale to celebrate the arrival of all these awesome new colours: HOT PINK, RED and BLACK! *grin!*

Dreamy Rose Rings - RED/BLACK! ($4.50 each -> $4.00! ♥!)

You can find more information about these two above! *grin!*

Bubbly Bow Ring - HOT PINK ($4.50 -> $4.00)

I love this latest addition to perfect_parfait! Unfortunately, I currently have only one of each colour available... T___T!
The adorable bows are about 3cm in high and 2.50cm high - so they really stand out when you wear 'm! I think they're the perfect Lolita accessory... ♥!

Cute Bow Ring - LIGHT PINK ($4.50 -> $4.00!)

This is the LIGHT PINK version of the ring shown above! :) Not sure which colour to get? Try this colour comparison picture! *grin!*

Cute Bow Ring - DEEP RED ($4.50 -> $4.00!)

This is a really vibrant kind of red! O.o; It's very lovely in person! The beautiful red bow comes attached to an adjustable silver coloured ring base...

Cute Bow Ring - BLACK ($4.50 -> $4.00!)

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! My apologies for the dark picture - it's kind of difficult to take good quality pictures of black items? ^^;

Cute Bow Ring - WHITE (SOLD OUT!)

This is a really gorgeous pure white coloured bow ring! Perfect for any Lolita outfit! :)

Lacey Heart Rings - BLACK or PINK ($4.50 -> $3.50 each!)

I only have one of each colour available at the moment, sob. ^^; These are SUPER CUTE. I wish I got to keep some for myself... *laughs!*

Flower Ring - ONE OF A KIND! ($4.00 -> $3.50!)

I only have one of these! :) The flower is about 2.70cm in diameter and comes attached to an adjustable silver coloured ring base~!

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