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UPDATE #3! Happy Easter, everyone! =)

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! ♥! To celebrate the return of sunny weather and an abundance of chocolate eggs... LET'S HAVE A SMALL EASTER UPDATE, YEAH? xDD! First of all: I have made some improvements to Perfect Parfait Boutique over the weekend! :)

★ From now on, all ball-type (gold plated/silver plated!) chains used for perfect_parfait are adjustable in length by about 7cm - so if you'd like you can make it even longer (max. 47cm!)! The standard/minimum length is 40cm! :)
☆ After A LOT of failed attempts I have finally found a lovely varnish coating that works great on paper clay! :D This means that all the clay charms (unless stated or requested otherwise!) sold at perfect_parfait will now receive multiple layers of protective varnish to help make them more durable AND keep the rhinestones in place!
★ I have received an affiliation request from a really adorable clothing shop! It made me feel so proud! Perfect Parfait is definitely heading in the right direction, ne~? ♥!

OKAAY! ARE YOU READY? Here's the new stuff! I have had an incredibly busy week at work, so this is only a small update... b-but I hope you like it anyway! :)

Pink/White Ice Cream Cone & Bow! ($7)

This is a really unique ice cream cone! xD! I managed to get a hold of some more of those adorable bow shaped beads, so I immediately wanted to experiment with them... and this is one of the results? *grin!* This cute ice cream cone charm comes attached to a silver plated chain that can be adjusted to be any length between 40cm/16inches and 47cm!

Pink Glitter Ice Cream Cone - Extra Sparkly Edition! ($7)

This is another premiere for perfect_parfait! *PRIDE!* This glittery pink ice cream cone has been coated with two protective layers of varnish to make it more durable and help to keep the rhinestones in place! :) It comes attached to an adjustable gold plated chain (min. length is 40cm - max. length is 47cm!)!

Super Sparkly Earring Set - Gold Version! $7.50

This cute earring set includes a glittery pink ice cream cone with beautiful blue rhinestones and a matching yellow waffle charm! Both charms have been coated with multiply layers of varnish - which helps make them more durable AND keep the rhinestones in place! They are attached to simple gold plated earring bases... :)


This cute little wabbit will soon be available in three colours: a lovely creamy colour, pure white and pink (as pictured above)! It is possible to reserve one already now - but they will not be available to ship out until late April due to my order of ring bases being super laaaaate! ^^;

That's it for now~! I'm going to work on my commissions tomorrow... Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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