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Welcome to Perfect Parfait Boutique! :)

Hello! Welcome to little_ribbon's Perfect Parfait Boutique! ♥!

Some Important Information:
★ I have 100% positive feedback on The EGL/EGA Database under little_ribbon and on eBay as shopaholic_snowflake!
☆ Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees - I expect the buyer to cover these!
★ I can only accept Paypal right now! However... Bank transfer within Europe is fine, too! :)
☆ I'm always open for commissions! :) Nearly everything you see in my shop can be made with a different colour of clay and/or rhinestones! Just let me know what you'd like! ♥!
★ Here's a picture of the clays I currently have available: (CLICK!) (I also have a very limited amount of sparkly clay - I miiiight order some more, but it's a lot more expensive than the regular kind!)

Shipping Information:
☆ Shipping for 1 -> 4 small items will be €3.10 within Europe and €3.55 to the USA and Canada.
★ Shipping for larger items (like the cupcakes with whipped cream) will unfortunately be more expensive as they need to be shipped in a box. Within Europe, it will be €6.40 and €9.60 to the US/Canada. I know, Belgian postal services REALLY suck. I will be looking into shipping from The Netherlands instead - I think that might be cheaper.
☆ I will not be responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail. Rest assured that I always pack everything very carefully, though. :)

Past Commissions:
★ Sparkly Pink Ice Cream Cone for faunkegin: (CLICK!)
☆ Non-Sparkle Mint Ice Cream Cone 'n Cookie + Extra Charm for nonody:

Example w/ BTSSB Blouse: 1 & 2!

With nonody's permission I attached her items to a minty coloured beaded necklace for these pictures! :)

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